About us

About Us

Established in 2014, the shop is very well known in Malta not only to private customers but

also to many well known restaurants.

We take at heart the health of our customers so we select the ingredients with care, finding

the highest quality in the market. We use the best Italian and Maltese ingredients, all natural,

no presertatives added. High grade italian Semola di grano duro, only fresh eggs, best quality

ricotta, cheeses, fish and meat. We produce and supply a wide range of filled ravioli, fresh

pasta, lasagna, cannelloni and ready sauces.

In the shop is also possible to buy italian wine in bottles or in bag in boxes, italian extra virgin

oil both normal and organic, dried pasta di Gragnano, polpa di pomodoro, and a good seletion

of fresh pecorino, guanciale, ricotta salata, italian salami, soppressata…

We try to supply also the best service giving you hints about how to cook our products and

how to store them. Recipes are also available on our Fb page.